Why Register?

When you create an account through one of our apps, your username and password will work on any of them. The reason we did this was two-fold. One, we wanted to make it easy for you if you happen to use more than one of our apps (which, of course, we hope you do!). And second, by having one log in, we are able to store select information in the cloud so if you do decide to use more than one app you won’t have to enter anything twice. The following information is shared between apps:

– Period Data (stored for use between Period View, Fertility View, and Menopause View).
– Due Date (stored for use between Fertility View, Pregnancy View, Due Date View, and Bump View).
– Appointments (stored for use between Fertility View and Pregnancy View).
– Medications (stored for use between Fertility View and Pregnancy View).

The data is stored and transmitted securely, and has no personally identifiable information.

The photos in your Bump View stream are also stored in the cloud. If you ever lose your phone or forget to back it up, all you have to do is download our app and log in.

If you don’t want to use the cloud feature, no worries. Our apps can be used on your phone without having to register. If you should ever decide to change your mind all you need to do is register and log in (even after using the app).

The cloud service is – just like all of our apps – FREE to use.