How To Place A Listing

If you would like to place a listing in our Services Directory, you will first have to register for the site network. Once you log in, you will have a Directory Dashboard at the top left of the admin bar where you can add and/or manage your listing. We accept listings on for the following categories listed on the right.


  • +$99
    for 3 months
  • Top of category placement for listing, including yellow highlight
  • Featured listing designation includes the following:
  • Order AddOn

Patron Listing

  • $499
    1 year
  • Complete contact info, including mapping
  • Web and social links
  • Business overview with photo capabilities
  • Patron listing designation includes the following:
  • Place Listing

Additional Listings

  • +$49
    1 year
  • Add additional locations, including individual physician listings
  • This includes any network directory or additional category
  • Contact Us

Please note that once you place your listing you will be asked to provide an email address and short note to confirm that it is actually you or your firm placing the listing. We do this to ensure the integrity of the directory. If you would like us to place the listing for you, please contact us at or 1-800-506-9810, ext 104. We will be glad to help get you listed in the Directory.

Looking For Something

Use our Services Directory to find local providers that specialize in thrid party reproduction. Use the handy location based search function to find a provider and review member comments and ratings.


[sabai-directory-categories columns="1" return="1"] Our Services Directory is intended to be a useful tool for our members to connect with appropriate providers based on their individual needs. We do not personally screen these listings and they do not reflect Fertility Council’s recommendations or endorsements.

If you see a listing with the following designation, that business is a supporter of the Fertility View Services Directory.

Place A Listing

If you would like to place a listing in our Services Directory, click here to find out more.