What Is #WCW?

wcwSome of us on Twitter and Instagram might have seen the hashtag #WCW and wondered what it was all about. Standing for “Women Crush Wednesday,” #WCW is a themed hashtag, similar to #TBT (throwback Thursday) and #FF (follow Friday), as a weekly reminder to honor and admire the women in our life. All too often, we’re reminded in sitcoms, in the school hallways, and perhaps in our daily life, that we women are supposed to be catty and jealous of each other. #WCW is a way to combat that stereotype and to stand in support of each other. It’s our chance to show off the great women role models in our lives, whether it’s a good friend, a celebrity, or a relative.

In a society where we’re often hounded to look a certain way, feel a certain way, or act a certain way, it’s a breath of fresh air to see women and girls come together to share our deep connections with each other.

Personally, when I think of my “woman crush,” I see my best friend and see a stalwart pillar who has been through so much with me–more than a decade’s worth of crying, laughing, and celebrating–and has stuck with me even when we drew apart for two years. I see celebrities like Beyonce–controversial, I know–who strongly support women’s rights and encourage girls to take control of their lives. I see my friend who has struggled to build her own craft business and, through her hard work and discipline, has gotten her jewelry and shirts placed in more and more shops nationwide.

As we practice recognizing our own #WCW weekly, we get into the habit of noticing the women in our lives without the reminder. Soon, we’ll see the love and support throughout the rest of the week. You’ll be surprised that you’re not alone and that friendship can come from unexpected places.

When we see others post the hashtag, we realize that together, we are all connected in some way.

So next time Wednesday comes around, think about a wonderful woman in your life. How have they helped you through hard spots? How have they inspired you to live a better life or to follow your dreams?

And then think about yourself. How can YOU be a good role model for someone else? How can YOU inspire someone to live a better life and to follow their dreams?

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