Vacations and Your Period

menstruation-and-vacationsManaging your period when you’re on vacation or travelling can be tricky, especially when you want to wear a bikini, go swimming and look your best. Fear not though, with the right feminine hygiene products and a positive mental attitude, you can take on the beach just as you would the high street without having to worry about any embarrassing situations.

So here are our top tips for how to handle your period whether you’re holidaying in Hawaii or backpacking in Indonesia;

Plan ahead
When you’re booking your vacation months in advance it may be a little optimistic to assume that you can schedule your trip around your period, but if you’re a woman who is extremely regular with a menstrual cycle that operates like clockwork then it may be possible to do so by looking at your Period View calendar.

In an ideal world every girl would prefer not to get her period when on vacation, so if you’re able to plan your trip around Aunt Flo’s visit, then I urge you to do so!

Pack supplies
You should never assume that the country you’re travelling to will have all the feminine hygiene products that you’re used to using… unless you’ve been to that country before. When I was backpacking around Southeast Asia I discovered that women don’t really use tampons there. I was able to find some in a couple of big supermarkets in Bangkok, but none whatsoever in Cambodia or Vietnam.

It’s also a great idea to carry a small pack of wet wipes for hygiene reasons; some public toilets may not even have toilet paper.

Be confident
Seriously, you’ve been looking forward to this vacation for months, don’t let something as insignificant as your period stop you from feeling great and having a wonderful time! You may think that you look a little bloated, or that your skin isn’t as clear as you’d like, but it’s very doubtful that anyone else is going to notice. The hottest girl by the pool is always the one with the most confidence, so let your personality shine through and enjoy the sun, sea and sand…. and cocktails!

Don’t fear the water

Even if it’s the heaviest day of your period there is no reason why you can’t go for a swim – all you need to do is wear a tampon. A tampon, especially a large one, really will stop any blood from leaking out, but if you’re especially worried then don’t wear a light colored bikini.

Worried about a mouse tail? Concealing the string of your tampon in your swimsuit isn’t always fool proof. You could try cutting it shorter so that it’s a little more discreet, and don’t worry about your tampon “getting lost”; your vagina isn’t that big! You can easily retrieve a tampon with a couple of fingers.

What’s most important of course is that you have fun and enjoy your vacation! For many of us going away is a once a year treat so take the opportunity to make some special memories. Getting your period is simply a natural and healthy part of being a woman, so whether you’re planning to lie on a beach in Italy or backpack around South America, there really is nothing to worry about.

Happy travels xx

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