The Best Movies About Your Period

menstruation-and-moviesMovies are a reflection of our lives. So, maybe I don’t get to fly around with Iron Man on a daily basis, but there’s an aspect to movies that are very real. This is why when movies include some scene with a woman getting her period it makes me happy in a very weird way. I think “You go with your bad self for keeping it real, movie!” I would now like to honor a few movies that feature menstruation, as an homage to them for keeping it real – or as real as movie can. *fist bump*

The Legend of Billie Jean

Ok, I know I am totally dating myself here because I remember seeing this movie in the movie theater and being astounded by the fact that they were talking about a young girl getting her first period. What is really awesome about this scene, however, is that when a boy calls it “gross” he is totally shut down. Putter, the girl who gets her first period, says that it is not gross “it’s wonderful”. I think that’s cool.

The Blue Lagoon
Ok, again, totally dating myself here but in my own defense this movie was not one I was old enough to see in theaters at the time. If you’ve not seen this movie I’m not sure if it’s something you can appreciate if you’re not a 13 year old girl, but for a 13 year old girl it hits the movie trifecta. It has a cute boy, first time sex and periods! Brooke Shields’ character in the movie is bathing, sees blood and knows immediately what it is. When her island companion sees it he gets concerned and she just yells “Go away”. Yeah, I’ve felt that way too, Brooke.

The Runaways
A more recent movie, this one features Dakota Fanning getting her period without any gear on hand. So, she rushes to the bathroom and stuffs her underwear full of toilet paper. Oh, you know you’ve used the toilet paper trick. It’s a sad state of affairs, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Oh, Superbad. Remember the scene when Jonah Hill was dancing with a girl at that party and she gets all up on his leg but when she pulls away he has period blood on his pants? Ha! All the guys freak out, there’s even dry heaving. The girl in question seems to not be bothered by it, and seems to have the attitude that periods happen, so he needs to just get over it.

Sixteen Candles
In my opinion, this is the best period feature in any movie. Ever. Sam’s sister, Ginny, is getting married but is on her period. She has such bad cramps that she overdoes it a bit on the muscle relaxers and walks down the aisle high as a kite. Then her husband-be-be turns to the priest and says “I bet the people who said we had to get married feel stupid now”. One of the best. Period.

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