Talking About Periods

In a previous article, I discussed the game Tampon Run and its empowering message to de-stigmatize the topic of menstruation. In recent news, more organizations have been working hard to contribute to this cause. Take Elynn Walters, for example. Elynn Walters is an activist focused on improving hygiene and sanitation in low-income countries. She works with WASH advocates. WASH Advocates … Read More

Skipping Periods and Jumping For Joy

At some point, every woman has wished that her period would just go away. Periods can be annoying and come at the most inconvenient times. What would life be like if you could be the master of your own period by having fewer or no periods? The idea is both liberating and possible through the use of continuous birth control. … Read More

Periods and Poverty

In general, women find their periods to be annoying and inconvenient. However, most women have the means to obtain what they need to make “that time of the month” more bearable. This is not the case for women who are homeless or living below the poverty line. For them, it is not always a given that they will have access … Read More