Unexpected Period: What to Do

Coming on your period when you’re really not expecting it can be annoying, inconvenient and even embarrassing at times. If you don’t have any supplies in your handbag and you’re wearing a really inappropriate outfit, getting your period can be a bit of a nightmare! For me, perhaps the least convenient time that I ever came on my period was … Read More

Cramps? Try These 5 Yoga Poses!

Whether you’re pregnant, experiencing period cramps, or need a good stretch after a long day at the office, here are some yoga poses to help relieve pain and stretch your muscles! The poses below are gentle and help with lower back, shoulders, and legs. They’ll help get your blood moving–something that may not happen when you’re sitting at a desk … Read More

Paging Edward Cullen

Ah, the period: everyone’s favorite nuisance. It’s that magical stretch of time every 28 some-odd days where women get to walk around bleeding from between the legs and get called crazy for feeling a type of way about it. Unless we’re otherwise preventing it with a prescription, injection or intrauterine device, we’re pretty much signed up to live through this … Read More

Teen Corner – About Your Period

Q. What is a menstrual period? The female reproductive cycle occurs when girls begin to go through puberty. Menstruation (or “having a period”) is when a girl sheds her uterine lining through the vagina as it exits the body. Menstrual fluid consists of blood, tissue and an unfertilized egg. This process usually begins between the ages of 9-14. The first … Read More

Early Periods And Sex

Good news for parents, an Australian study confirms that while girls are starting their periods earlier they are not more likely to become sexually active at a younger age. The study actually revealed that girls who started their menstrual cycle before age 12 waited longer than their peers to engage in sexual activity. “Our study shows that earlier physical maturation … Read More

New Kotex Tween

Girls as young as 7 are starting their menstrual cycles, as reported by the Pediatrics Journal. Kotex recognized a niche in the market and expanded their product line to include pads and panty liners designed to fit a tween. U by Kotex Tween are smaller and come in glittery, tween-inspired packages with an information booklet, the company said in a … Read More

American Apparel Controversy

American Apparel is causing quite a stir with their recent addition of their “Period Power” T-Shirt. Show above, the T-Shirt features a colored line drawing illustrating a woman’s labial area during menstruation. The image was drawn by artist Petra Collins and illustrator Alice Lancaster, and controversy seemed to follow it the day it went on sale. Some saw it as … Read More