Why Are We Embarrassed To Buy Feminine Products?

It is really difficult for me to not feel embarrassed when I buy a bra, tampons, or condoms. To save myself from humiliation, I purposely seek out a female cashier each time I buy any of these items. No awkward conversation as a means to ignore the obvious, no questions asked; it’s easier that way. I remember last year, one … Read More

Periods and Heart Health

When asked to list factors that can lead to cardiovascular problems, most people will mention things like obesity, smoking, stress, and genetics. However, according to a study published in Circulation, there is another factor to consider: how old a woman was when she had her first period. The Study The study was conducted by Dr. Dexter Canoy and his team … Read More

Instagram And Women

I am an avid Instagram user. I love that my Instagram feed is filled with beautiful pictures, not just of colorful and delicious looking macaroons or nature sunsets but also of beautiful people. My feed is full of color and beauty, and I forget that despite a vast, almost endless number of photographs, Instagram does have terms and conditions—terms and … Read More

Vacations and Your Period

Managing your period when you’re on vacation or travelling can be tricky, especially when you want to wear a bikini, go swimming and look your best. Fear not though, with the right feminine hygiene products and a positive mental attitude, you can take on the beach just as you would the high street without having to worry about any embarrassing … Read More

Skipping Periods and Jumping For Joy

At some point, every woman has wished that her period would just go away. Periods can be annoying and come at the most inconvenient times. What would life be like if you could be the master of your own period by having fewer or no periods? The idea is both liberating and possible through the use of continuous birth control. … Read More

More Alternatives To Disposable Products: Cloth Pads

I’ve written before about moving away from disposable products, in particular moving to menstrual cups. Another option is to use reusable cloth pads. Like reusable diapers that have become popular with many parents, cloth pads provide a natural alternative to bleached disposable pads and tampons that take up space in landfills. In fact, you’ll throw away up to 300 pounds … Read More

Unexpected Period: What to Do

Coming on your period when you’re really not expecting it can be annoying, inconvenient and even embarrassing at times. If you don’t have any supplies in your handbag and you’re wearing a really inappropriate outfit, getting your period can be a bit of a nightmare! For me, perhaps the least convenient time that I ever came on my period was … Read More

Going to the Doctor’s Office: Asking Questions

I recently went to see my dermatologist last week, and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had in terms of doctor appointments. I’m currently suffering from terrible cystic acne, and the current treatments I’m on are antibiotics and Retin-A, a topical cream. While my skin has improved considerably in the last couple of months, I don’t … Read More

Oh, It’s Just Cramps

I was around twelve years old the first time I felt that a faint, dull sort of pain pulsed in my lower left abdomen. It was uncomfortable but not altogether intolerable, that is until thirty seconds later when I could have sworn that a tiny Beatrix Kiddo was carving up my insides with a freshly sharpened sword. I called for … Read More

Putting Men In Menstruation

There’s no question that a woman’s ability to control her reproduction has expanded women’s rights and helped to advance women both educationally and in the workforce. In fact, a whopping 99% of American women who are sexually active will use birth control at some point in their lives, but it leaves me to wonder how men fit into this picture. … Read More