Why I Love My Period

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I mean, sure – periods can be a pain in the uterus. They can be inconvenient. They might happen at the wrong time, in the wrong place, with the wrong supplies, but over the years I have found a happy place where I embrace my menstrual cycle. So, here are the reasons … Read More

4 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Period

Menstruation is a part of the lives of women for years. And years. And years. We all know this fact, and we all have dealt or deal with menstruation on a regular basis. But how much do you actually know about your period? Let’s face it, between less-than-stellar sexual education classes and pop culture portrayals of periods make the stuff … Read More

Red Is The New Black: Periods In Prison

Sometimes you can feel like you’re imprisoned by your period. Whether you have cramps, fatigue, or a heavy flow that restricts your activities, it can feel like you’re in a crimson prison and “Aunt Flo” is your prison guard. But, how much worse would this feeling be if you got your period while you were in an actual prison? “Don’t … Read More

Menstrual Hygiene In Prisons

Girls are affected negatively by menstruation in developing and under-developed countries. Often times, they are pulled out of school due to lack of private facilities; feminine products are not as accessible; and the topic of menstruation is often stigmatized and rarely discussed not just in public but in the private lives of women and families. It’s easy to think that … Read More

Are Girls Going Through Puberty Earlier

Girls are going through puberty earlier. It’s a fact. No one is happy about that, particularly the parents of these young girls. Caucasian girls in the United States are entering puberty at the average age of 9.7 years, according to Livescience.com, which is significantly younger than their grandmothers and great mothers, and three or four months younger than the average … Read More

Why Are People Petrified Of Periods?

Do you ever feel, as a woman, that you sort of live in the shadows? As women move through life, I think, we’re relegated to the sidelines in a lot of ways, the biggest of which is the unsaid obligation to hide our periods. I grew up in a family of women, with three older sisters. But when I got … Read More

How To Completely Rock Summer, Even If You’re On Your Period

Summer is quickly approaching and there’s no reason to let your period keep you from enjoying summertime! Whether you’re backpacking, boating, or camping, it can all be done comfortably while you’re rebooting the ovarian operating system. Camping/Hiking/Backpacking If you’re going to camp or just going on a weekend trip, surfing the crimson wave is nothing to worry about. You just … Read More


A few weeks ago while browsing my Facebook feed, I came across an article that was shared by Women You Should Know about Jose Garcia, a boy who decided to show support for his female peers by challenging his male classmates to join him in bringing pads and tampons to school. The call to action was announced on his Instagram … Read More

Are You There Society? It’s Me, Menstruation…

As a child I was a reading enthusiast, something I continue to be today. Reading has really shaped me as a person, from Grover’s “Monster At The End of This Book” to “Crime and Punishment” to “Fifty Shades of Grey”; reading is both an escape and grounding in reality. One of the most influential books in my entire life was … Read More

Why Do Humans Menstruate?

Have you ever wondered why humans have periods while most other mammals do not? I know that I have. It seems strange that the only other mammals, besides humans, that menstruate are apes, monkeys, elephant shrews, dogs and some types of bats. In recent years, researchers, like Deena Emera of Yale University, have been working to explain this phenomenon and … Read More