If Men Had Cramps

I remember in college when I was going through my “I-am-woman-hear-me-roar” phase I read a lovely article by Gloria Steinem called “If Men Could Menstruate”. It is glorious, so if you have never read it I highly recommend doing so. You will laugh until you cry, because it is such a sadly accurate view of how society views women and … Read More

More Than Cramps

Cramping is a common, and hated, period symptom; however, the severity varies from woman to woman. For some women, the cramping can be characterized as mild discomfort. For others, somewhere between 1 out of 8 and 1 out of 10 women, cramping can be incredibly painful, sometimes feeling as painful as contractions. These women may have a medical condition called … Read More

Cramps? Try These 5 Yoga Poses!

Whether you’re pregnant, experiencing period cramps, or need a good stretch after a long day at the office, here are some yoga poses to help relieve pain and stretch your muscles! The poses below are gentle and help with lower back, shoulders, and legs. They’ll help get your blood moving–something that may not happen when you’re sitting at a desk … Read More