Male Birth Control: An Update

In a previous post (which can be read here), I talked about the development of male birth control options. Now, it’s time for an update. Vasalgel. It’s a name that you might not have heard yet, but you will soon. Vasalgel is an injectable form of non-hormonal male birth control and it might be the biggest thing since the invention … Read More

Myths With Birth Control And Contraception

When deciding to be sexually active, most women take the cautionary step to protect themselves against unplanned pregnancies. Others, however, might think that they cannot get pregnant because of other factors that are not a form of contraceptives. There are many myths when it comes to using contraception the correct way, and to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Probably one of the … Read More

What Is Hormone-Based Birth Control?

For many of us, birth control is a fact of life. Whether we’re dealing with irregular periods, complications with endometriosis, or other reasons, birth control helps protect us and allows us to live a normal life. Depending on your situation, you might try a daily pill that puts you on a 28-day cycle, take extended cycle pills that decrease the … Read More