New Kotex Tween

Girls as young as 7 are starting their menstrual cycles, as reported by the Pediatrics Journal.

Kotex recognized a niche in the market and expanded their product line to include pads and panty liners designed to fit a tween. U by Kotex Tween are smaller and come in glittery, tween-inspired packages with an information booklet, the company said in a press release.

The pads are also designed with an array of hearts and stars.

Kotex partnered with Dr. Lissa Rankin, a gynecologist and mother, who is also the founder of Owning Pink, an online community that encourages open communication between mothers and daughters.

“I wasn’t prepared for my first period, and I don’t want that for my daughter,” Rankin said. “I’m so proud to be working with the Kotex brand to help empower moms to have a real, open dialogue with their daughters and reduce the stress and anxiety around the ‘talk’ – it should be a bonding experience for both of them.”

Kotex is also working with Disney Family – the two companies updated the “Story of Menstruation” video, which is available on Kotex’s website.