Is The Male Species Really A Waste Of Space?

no-men-allowedA new study that has been conducted has a biologist calling the male species useless and a waste of space. Sperm is all men are really good for – really? Well this explains why I can’t seem to find a good one. One British study has stated that sexual selection when the male has to compete for the female’s attention to be the chosen one for reproduction enhances the gene pool and increases the population health. They state that this helps explain why the male species are important. When they used several groups of beetles in this experiment, they came to the conclusion that in the groups that the males had to fight for the female’s attention in order to mate benefited from fewer genetic mutations. These groups did not die off from inbreeding within ten generations.

I guess here it is in a nutshell women – the male species is a waste of time and energy unless you want a baby… hmmm… really. I have to say that part of me wants to just agree and go on, but really why are we comparing the human male race with a group of beetles? I can see that this may in fact be correct when representing animals of any kind. For example; Pigs or chickens the male version of these animals are mainly there to help the females reproduce so that the species does not die off. After the females have been fertilized by the male sperm the male goes on their merry little way. Then the female takes over and carries the babies, cares for the babies, as well as protects them until they are old enough to go off on their own. This sounds much like a human female doesn’t it?

Now onto the human male species – yes again I have to agree that a lot of them are a waste of space and are good for nothing but reproducing, but fighting off friends in order to do so does not benefit anyone. Not the human gene pool or population health. All this does is create more havoc within the human race. Many men do just this; reproduce and they disappear. This by the way helps with the economy…NOT!

Ok, enough with my male bashing. Let’s look at this; we have some great men in the history of mankind, which have done some unbelievable things. Our forefathers were men, yes they had great woman standing beside them (I had to throw that in there). More in general men are a lot of help when you get a good one. They help with raising a child, some even if that child is not their own. They are useful to have around when you have to move something heavy. They help with the everyday things that go on in all of our lives. They see things from a different perspective. So yes, the human male species is not a waste of time and space and only good for reproduction.

Comparing the human male species with a group of beetles, I find to be ridiculous. I personally am not a big fan of the human male species, yet I do find them to be more useful than a group of male beetles fighting over mating.

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