How To Completely Rock Summer, Even If You’re On Your Period

your-period-and-summerSummer is quickly approaching and there’s no reason to let your period keep you from enjoying summertime! Whether you’re backpacking, boating, or camping, it can all be done comfortably while you’re rebooting the ovarian operating system.

If you’re going to camp or just going on a weekend trip, surfing the crimson wave is nothing to worry about. You just need to access the situation. Will there be toilets available or not? How long will you be gone?

What you need is three sealable plastic bags. One gallon sized with one quart sized bag and another gallon sized bag inside of it. Keep your used tampons and pads in the gallon sized bag and the unused in the quart, while keeping both inside the other gallon sized bag. These are light and easy to transport, but if it’s a long trip this may not be the best option unless you can get to a garbage can occasionally. If you don’t like to use plastic, think of investing in a wet-bag. These are often used with cloth diapers and are easy to find on any cloth diapering website. Plus, they come in really cute patterns and colors.

If you don’t want to bother with pads and tampons you can always invest in a menstrual cup. These are easy to find and reusable. They can be removed and emptied and this way you don’t have to worry about taking out your used menstrual products at the end of the trip.

Nothing says summer like a beautiful day out on the lake or ocean. Boating on your period isn’t really any different than when you go boating any other time. You don’t have to restrict any activities. The only real problem can be if you’re going to be on a boat without a bathroom – then what? Well, we’re tough, we’re women, and we come up with solutions!

There are a few things you can do. One is to make sure to insert a tampon or menstrual cup right before you go out on the boat, that way chances are you won’t need to change at all while you’re out. If it’s going to be a longer trip or if you’re having a heavy day, this is where a towel, blanket or sarong can come in handy. Bring along some plastic bags to keep your used products in and then find a quiet corner where you can squat while covering yourself with the towel, blanket or sarong. Then, change out your tampon or pour your menstrual cup out over the edge of the boat. It might not be pretty, but it works and it’ll get you through the day!

Remember, your period is no reason to not do the things you want. Don’t let anything stop you from making summer memories and getting out there for new experiences!

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