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body-campaignA young lady, who runs a blog that is called Fat Girl Flow, has been seeing plus-sized women who were always the same. These women that she saw were always on the smaller side of fat and always well proportioned. Being a plus sized woman herself she just did not identify with these models. So she decided to create a blog that would show the world that BIG BODIES DO EXIST AND THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL.

As I look more deeply into what is considered to be the Plus-Sized woman, I would have to agree with her. The women that are used as Plus-Sized models are very well proportioned, able-bodied and on the smaller side of fat. Then again if we were to look at models that are supposed to represent an average sized woman, how many women do you know are a perfect size 2? I know I do not know of any. As with all models there is a inclination toward a very particular kind of body, being it a Plus-Sized Woman or that perfectly shaped size 2.

As this young lady states, and I have heard as well , “It’s ok to be fat as long as you’re healthy,” or they may say “Oh, but they carry their weight so well they don’t even look fat” what exactly does this mean? Be fat but make sure you carry it well so the rest of society doesn’t have to see it? Well people are made differently in mind, body, and spirit. If we were all the same this world would be one boring place don’t you think? Some people may find these bigger than life women disgusting, while on the other hand some people may find them rather beautiful. But I happen to know that there are some people who find that perfect size 2 to be disgusting. It all depends on the way a person views themselves as well as the world around them.

In making her point she decided to reach out to the bigger sized women on social media. What she asked for was photos of themselves in bathing suits if they felt as if they were not being justly represented by the images of Plus-Sized women being advertised. The responses that she received were remarkable, the pictures represent many different sizes – differently proportioned but all beautiful in their own way.

I have to agree that the more publicity for diverse body types that she can get into mainstream media, the more people will begin to realize that fat people are not invisible. With that said I also have to say that it just does not apply to the Plus-Sized woman, it should apply to all women of all sizes.

Society places too much emphasis on how a person looks rather than the person themselves. You may see a person that is to one person obese, and yet they are the most loving, nice, and loyal person you may ever meet. While, on the other hand you may meet a person that is that perfect size 2, wash board stomach, and a total knockout, but hold on she is dishonest, mean, rude, selfish and just plain could care less about you. Now, which of these people would you say were beautiful?

It is unfortunate that women feel as if they must be the perfect size 2 or that very-well proportioned Plus-Size woman to feel confident, accepted, and loved. I know that one’s own worst enemy is one’s self. By this I mean as you listen to other people’s thoughts and reactions of yourself you will start to believe in what they are saying. Yet when they are done saying them which only takes about a minute of your life, you will start saying them to yourself which will take a lifetime to fix. Now, I’m saying all women are beautiful from the inside out, whatever size you may be look at that young lady in the mirror and say good morning beautiful because the ones that truly matter in your life will see just how beautiful you are.

I give major credit to these big, beautiful, confident, and secure women who know that they are beautiful no matter what anyone or society thinks. I believe that the media should start supporting all sizes of women from that size 2 to that Fully Figured Plus-Size woman.

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