8 Daily Tips for Health And Happiness

8-healthy-habitsIf you’re feeling stressed, lethargic or generally unhappy there may be certain aspects of your daily life which you can change to feel healthier, happier and more energetic. Sure life isn’t all rainbows and cupcakes; there are bound to be things which get you down such as pressing work deadlines, fighting with your boyfriend or debilitating menstrual cramps, but if you try out just a few of the eight life hacks below you’re sure to feel more optimistic, more energised and more physically well in no time.

1. Wake up earlier.
Ever heard the expression “rise with the sun”? People who wake up earlier have been observed to be more productive, more energetic and generally healthier than those who sleep in. People who regularly wake up late are often drowsy or ‘zombie like’ for a large portion of the afternoon and may have trouble sleeping later in the day.

2. Drink 1L of water before breakfast.

Drinking a litre of water before breakfast will greatly aid your digestion and hydrate you for the day. For even better digestion try drinking warm lemon water to stimulate the production of healthy stomach acid and to detoxify your liver. Drinking water early on in the day will also boost your metabolism and thus speed up fat burning throughout the day.

3. Make time for exercise.

The morning is a great time to squeeze in a workout as you’ll feel great for the remainder of the day. Exercise helps to keep your body fit and healthy, burns calories and tones muscle for a more attractive physique. Regular exercise can also improve mental focus thus making you more productive and can also lessen the pain of menstrual cramps and fight PMS.

4. Smile.
Smiling is not always easy when you’re elbowing your way through a crowd to make the train or struggling to hold up an umbrella in a storm, but when you smile at the world it really does smile back at you. Try it for a day; greet every person you encounter with a smile and you’ll be amazed how far it gets you.

5. Eat healthily throughout the day.
Being mindful of your food choices can have a huge impact on your life; from improved skin tone to better weight control, proper nutrition is hugely important. Making sure you consume a nutrient-rich, whole-food diet will keep your BMI in check and will help to ward off fertility problems when you’re trying to conceive.

6. Get organized.

Procrastination is a terrible habit which can cost you time and money. If you’re a bit of a scatter brain try creating a schedule to organise your day which will make you efficient. Once you’ve gotten all of that boring stuff out of the way you’ll have more time to see the people you care about and have fun!

7. Relax and unwind.

At the end of the day it is essential that you relax and let go of stress. Stress can be very detrimental to your health and can be responsible for weight gain, hair loss, acne, missed periods, poor sleep and depression. After a long day at the office make time for yoga, meditation, trashy TV or hanging out with friends – your mind and body will thank you for it.

8. Read a book an hour before bed.

Reading stimulates your brain in areas which may not otherwise be engaged by watching television or scrolling through Facebook. Your brain needs some quiet time to unwind before you go to sleep so shutting down your laptop, putting away your smart phone and picking up a book before bed is a great habit to get in to. Sleeping well tonight means feeling better tomorrow!

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