4 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Period

things-about-your-periodMenstruation is a part of the lives of women for years. And years. And years. We all know this fact, and we all have dealt or deal with menstruation on a regular basis. But how much do you actually know about your period? Let’s face it, between less-than-stellar sexual education classes and pop culture portrayals of periods make the stuff of nightmares, many people have a significant gap in their menstrual mastery. Let’s fix this now, shall we?

Too Much Flow

Do you think heavy periods are normal? While everyone bleeds more the first few days, if you’re period lasts longer than a week or if you have to change tampons, pads or your cup more than every couple of hours than you are having too much flow and need to talk to a doctor. Most girls and women don’t know that there’s such a thing as too much, and just assume this is how everyone’s period must be. Not true!

Pain Relief Requires Forethought

Painful periods – been there! Many women have painful periods and rely on over-the-counter medication to help them even before bleeding starts. This is the right course of action, because once you’re in the throes of pain it can be difficult to get on top of it. If you track your periods on the handy Period View App, then you will know what day your period is likely to start and get a jump on helping to make it pain free.

You Can Get Preggo on Your Period

Ok, so it’s not likely to happen, but it can. It is, in fact, possible for you to become pregnant while you’re menstruating. This is because some women have long periods and that can overlap with ovulation. So, when in doubt, use birth control!

When Your Mom Stopped Menstruating Matters

It might not have been all that typical for a mother to relay to her daughters when she stopped having her periods, but it does make a difference in what you can expect to happen with yours. The age at which your mom went through menopause is actually one of the biggest predictors for when you will go through menopause. This is information you need if you can get it, because there’s a large range when it comes to menopause. Anywhere between 40 and 56 is when you can expect “the change” but 51 is the average.

So, have you learned anything? Are there any things you didn’t know about your period but recently found out? If so, sharing is caring! If you have any questions about your period, do not hesitate to talk with your health care provider.

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