Your Skin: It’s Got To Last You A Lifetime

aging-skinIn our youth, we didn’t wear much make-up because we didn’t need to. Our skin naturally glowed and was firm and wrinkle-free. We didn’t have age spots or discoloration or wrinkles or sags and bags but we do now that we’ve spent five or six plus decades on earth.

If we only knew then what we know now or had paid attention to our mothers and grandmothers and the woman at the cosmetics’ counter who wagged their (wise) fingers at us warning, “You’re going to regret getting all that sun” … we might be in better condition than we are.

No do-overs, unfortunately, but it’s never too late to start caring for and pampering your skin. Granted, you may not be capable of erasing years of sun abuse or the ravages of smoking or an expressive face but you can enhance what you have and conceal what you don’t want emphasized. No woman wants her wrinkles to be her calling card.

I am the grand kahuna of lotions, potions and make-up and a Maybelline and Nivea devotee from way back. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve dug deeper into my pocket and have become an ardent consumer of department store brands. You know, those costly panaceas that claim to work brilliantly and often do. I splurge on Regenerist neck cream and Oxytokin moisturizer and various high-end foundations.

I still make periodic forays into the drugstore. I never met a cosmetic display I didn’t like or could pass without stopping and looking (and usually making a purchase.) I give high marks to Cover Girl’s Outlast Lip Color. This stuff stays on for hours and doesn’t dry out your lips. I have very dry skin and Nivea cream (face) and Nivea Smooth Sensations (body) are unbeatable, in my opinion.

What’s your Poison?

What is your favorite lotion or potion or cosmetics line? What is the post-menopausal crowd using on its faces and bodies?

C.S. age 61: I wore too much makeup when I was younger. Now I don’t wear any. I use a basic moisturizer in the evenings sometimes. I have been lucky. I got my mom’s skin. I use Hydroderm Age-Defying. It is light. If I use anything else my skin turns bright pink and I burn. I use Suave Skin Firming on my hands, arms and legs. My mom uses Oil of Olay and has for years. She has the youngest skin I have ever seen on a woman her age.

L.B.: age 66: I use Oil of Olay and original Jergens lotion, Olay for my face and Jergens for my body. My great-grandmother used the original Jergens all her life and was always so soft and smelled so wonderful. Some things just never need improvement. The sooner in life you start using moisturizer, the better you age.

C.G.: 64: I’ve used Retin A for 30 years. I’m bad about sunscreen. I use Clinique and Estee Lauder. I love the sun.

B.A., 62: I have always worn make-up, especially mascara. Of course, Mary Kay is the best. One thing I always do is cleanse my face before bed. Make-up should never be worn while sleeping. Your face needs to be free of any substances for at least six to eight hours daily. I use lots of moisturizers.

C.M., 65: I have never worn sunscreen; probably not good advice but I still don’t. I have used numerous products over the years on my skin from Oil of Olay that I started as a teenager to Mary Kay, Estee Lauder and Clinique among others. I now mix my own and have for several years. I sort of discovered this by accident and both products I use to make it are natural and can be found online at Pure Formula. It works great. I found a fairly inexpensive product that I love simply called Retinol. I have a day and night version. They also make an eye gel I get from T.J. Maxx. I love it. Variety can be the spice of life and a change in products is sometimes good including your hair products. As far as make-up, the only make-up I use is eye make-up with the exception of some light blush, which I also make from the same product I make my skin cream from.

S.K., 59: I cannot live without a good moisturizer. I use Bare Minerals make-up and have for about eight years. I alternate what I use because some are quite costly and others are reasonably priced. I use Rodan and Fields and I also use Beauty Control products. My advice that I share with my 19 – and 21-year-old granddaughters is to always remove your make-up at night (no matter what condition you’re in) and moisturize.

T.R.: I use all Mary Kay products and love them!

C.S., age 62: I used Olay until 15 years ago when I switched to Mary Kay products. I really like the moisturizer and 3-in-1 cleanser. I also use MK sunscreen and the tinted moisturizer. That’s about it plus mascara.

J.S., age 66: I’ve used Clinique products since my twenties although I use the milder versions now. I used to have oily or mixed skin type, now I have dry or mixed range. I also use Olay Regenerist eye regenerating cream with a touch of concealer for dark circles. I started to use SPF products when they appeared.

P.M., age 68: I use a system of Merle Norman for cleanser, toner and moisturizer, mask and wrinkles and then whatever is on sale for the riff raff fluff that I decorate with. I think as long as you use the base system exclusively, whichever you choose, stick to it and the rest is just fluff.

T.H., age 60: Advice for younger people: Wear sunscreen. Don’t go to the beach and fry yourselves.

D.W., age 61: Sunscreen, for sure, and then moisturizer. I always preach sunscreen to my kids and grandchildren.

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