What Do Men Know — About Menopause?

Not surprisingly, men are nearly as reluctant as women are to talk openly about menopause – at least in my very unscientific survey. The most frequent response to my queries: “I’m not a good person to ask,” even from those who have weathered the formidable storm. Turns out, their hesitancy is well founded: they lack reliable information and are worn … Read More

Letting Go, Not Giving Up: A New You

My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations. – Michael J. Fox, 54 At 54, Michael J. Fox is hardly old, but this statement suggests wisdom beyond his years. And, while menopause and natural aging is not nearly as difficult as learning to accept a condition like Parkinson’s Disease, it is a … Read More

Barometric Pressure, Menopause, Aches And Pains And Changes In Mood

The weather outside is delightful, not frightful, so why do you hurt so badly? Shouldn’t you feel great physically? Upcoming changes in weather and barometric pressure alterations impact the body and brain. There are people (I am one of them) who can predict the weather better than a meteorologist based on the way their body feels. For instance, today it … Read More

Have You Heard the One About…?

Ever have one of those days, or even weeks, where you feel surrounded by reminders of your advancing age? Lately, I’ve become “painfully aware” of just how advanced it’s becoming as my oldest prepares to graduate high school and I’m reviewing pictures of her earliest school days to assemble a long overdue scrapbook. Shopping for new spring clothes with descriptions … Read More

Is Menopause a Management Issue?

How many managers can confidently answer “Yes?” Perhaps that’s because many managers don’t realize how much of their workforce they might be overlooking and/or alienating by not directly addressing the issue. Nearly 70% of menopause age women (ages 50-64) work. Healthline estimates that adds up to nearly 2.5 million workers (3.5 million in the United Kingdom). As impressive as that … Read More

Want To Grow During Menopause? Go To Camp.

Initially, an article about a “growth camp” for menopause made me want to laugh. Maybe you have memories of going to summer camp or are in the throes of planning your kids’/grandkids’ summer experiences. But, is camp what you conjure up when you take a minute to consider how you want to go through menopause? Not me. First of all, … Read More

What’s Your Menopause Type?

Do you like quizzes? I used to love taking those magazine quizzes as a teenager to determine my “true” self, or what the color of my eyes said about my personality or future spouse. Now, I lean more toward figuring out the right paint color for a room in my house based on what function it serves. Really important stuff, … Read More

Menopause: Did it Evolve?

In case you’ve ever really wondered why women must endure menopause, some animal behaviorists at the Universities of Exeter and York, and the Center for Whale Research recently discovered a new clue. Now, don’t take this the wrong way – the answers may come from killer whales. Killer whales are relevant here as they (and another type of whale) are … Read More

Clash of Climates: Menopause and Puberty

As if menopause weren’t disruptive enough, many women are simultaneously experiencing their daughter’s puberty. Talk about a tsunami. Although there is not a term to describe this phase of life, it is similar to menstrual synchrony – when women’s menstrual cycles sync up during periods of close proximity. If you’ve ever realized your cycle matched your roommate’s or a colleague’s, … Read More

Menopausal Me and You

Menopausal Me: A tall glass of ice water and a desktop fan flank my computer today. This week’s menopause headlines carry familiar topics: heart health, hot flashes/flushes, insomnia, bone health, and bio-identical hormones vs. pharmaceutical. Yet, there’s numerous stories — almost too many to count – with the same name: Angelina Jolie. Who can do menopause better than she can? … Read More