Have You Heard the One About…?

have-you-heardEver have one of those days, or even weeks, where you feel surrounded by reminders of your advancing age?

Lately, I’ve become “painfully aware” of just how advanced it’s becoming as my oldest prepares to graduate high school and I’m reviewing pictures of her earliest school days to assemble a long overdue scrapbook. Shopping for new spring clothes with descriptions like “cotton/polyester/knit/stretch,” “Shape-Me waistlines,” and ”stretch Gabardine Essentials,” featured on maxi dresses and palazzo pants from my middle school years makes me want to simultaneously laugh, cry, and run screaming out of the mall. Then, to top it all off, on Mother’s Day I receive news that one of my junior sister-in-laws is a grandmother! First, I wonder, “How is this possible,” and then, I’m asking myself, “How should I, can I process that news?”

Humor is one possible outlet, coupled with a few glasses of wine, perhaps, with a certain trusted friend who is as cynical and advanced as I. Check. I found a few gems worth sharing, particularly an audio clip from Ellen Goldberg’s What the Hell Happened to Me?: The Truth About Menopause and Beyond (2013). Reviewers – men and women alike — unanimously agreed Goldberg relieves your aches and pains with:

“Two dozen hilarious rhymes covering everything from wrinkles to spider veins, falling body parts to skin tags, flatulence to muffin tops, and on and on. You know what’s been happening to you, now it’s time to find out what’s coming just around the corner. Written with an irreverent, dry sense of humor it’s the perfect antidote for dealing with the trials and tribulations of getting older. So spend those sweaty, sleepless nights with these 24 funny ladies and know you’re not alone. If you can only remember to buy it…”

After I secured the audio book for my next walk – so I can keep in shape, you know — I decided I needed something funny to look at besides myself. So, I visited my good old friend, Google Images, and found some comic relief. Several images did conjure up an audible laugh and several snickers. The Mennie Pauz and Maxine strips were among my favorites with the some e-cards coming in a close third.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you: bookmark a few of these sites NOW, for the day when it’s hard to see the silver lining in earning the Silver Sneaker status at the YMCA or when the AARP card arrives and you’re looking forward the Denny’s Early Bird Happy Hour.

How do you find Menopausal Relief?

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