The “Sandwich” Generation

Here’s the scenario: A 56 year old married woman, who works fulltime and is the mother of a college student and a teenager, must care for her 90 year old widowed father, who still lives in his home. He is at the mercy of others to help maintain his independence. The ‘others’ amount to the daughter, the only nearby child. … Read More

Menopause: Did it Evolve?

In case you’ve ever really wondered why women must endure menopause, some animal behaviorists at the Universities of Exeter and York, and the Center for Whale Research recently discovered a new clue. Now, don’t take this the wrong way – the answers may come from killer whales. Killer whales are relevant here as they (and another type of whale) are … Read More

Pre-Menopausal Symptoms You Might Not Know About

Pre-menopause is the time before actual menopause starts, usually lasting for several years. Four years is the amount of time approximately, for the majority of woman to experience pre-menopause. I know it looks like such a long time, but it is not. Some lucky women experience no symptoms, while others have a range of them. Some symptoms that are common, … Read More

Menopause Hair: Can You Dig It? No!

How many 60- or 70-year-old women do you know, have you seen, sporting bountiful, healthy hair? Uh … a few? None? Why does hair suffer so dramatically when a woman turns a certain age? Ask any menopausal woman about her hair and you will likely get a grumpy retort in response. It’s not only we peons who suffer from post-midlife … Read More

Is A Window Opening For HRT?

Citing the WHI for Hormone Replacement Therapy standards equates with attending the Flat Earth Society Conference and listening to people try to prove the earth is flat. ― Marie Hoag MBA Maybe there’s not hope for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), at least if Marie Hoag, webmistress of, has a say in the matter. However, recent press suggests, or maybe … Read More

Why Older People Bruise So Easily

If you were to visit an elderly person and noticed lots of bruising on his body your first thought might be he was a victim of abuse. Of course, that does occur and if you ever suspect elderly abuse is taking place, report it to the authorities ASAP; however, many older people have bruises and have done nothing to cause … Read More

How Long Do Hot Flashes Last During Menopause?

A recent study has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association determining the duration of menopause symptoms in women, specifically hot flashes and night sweats. Prior to this study, it was commonly stated that menopause symptoms generally ranged from six months to two years. However, the research found that menopause symptoms averaged to about 7.4 years. The … Read More

Brainwave Optimization And Menopause Symptoms

Most women navigating through peri-menopause and menopause experience hot flashes. Why? Even physicians at the esteemed Mayo Clinic can’t explain precisely why this happens. It is believed hot flashes occur because a woman’s hypothalamus (body thermostat) becomes more sensitive to the slightest change in body temperature due to the alterations in reproductive hormones taking place during menopause. A study conducted … Read More

Clash of Climates: Menopause and Puberty

As if menopause weren’t disruptive enough, many women are simultaneously experiencing their daughter’s puberty. Talk about a tsunami. Although there is not a term to describe this phase of life, it is similar to menstrual synchrony – when women’s menstrual cycles sync up during periods of close proximity. If you’ve ever realized your cycle matched your roommate’s or a colleague’s, … Read More