Barometric Pressure, Menopause, Aches And Pains And Changes In Mood

The weather outside is delightful, not frightful, so why do you hurt so badly? Shouldn’t you feel great physically? Upcoming changes in weather and barometric pressure alterations impact the body and brain. There are people (I am one of them) who can predict the weather better than a meteorologist based on the way their body feels. For instance, today it … Read More

Is Menopause a Management Issue?

How many managers can confidently answer “Yes?” Perhaps that’s because many managers don’t realize how much of their workforce they might be overlooking and/or alienating by not directly addressing the issue. Nearly 70% of menopause age women (ages 50-64) work. Healthline estimates that adds up to nearly 2.5 million workers (3.5 million in the United Kingdom). As impressive as that … Read More

Mandatory Do-Over

Hear what Baby Boomers and others would change about their lives. I don’t want to do it (life) all over again. Once was enough for me, thank you. I’ve made some righteously bad choices and mistakes in my time but there is no point in crying over spilt milk. All in all, my life has been good, not necessarily because … Read More

Chin Whiskers: Just What Every Menopausal Woman Wants

Remember when your great-grandmother kissed you and you could feel spiky whiskers poking your face? Now it’s your turn. All kinds of ‘delightful’ changes occur when a woman goes through menopause and facial hair is one of them. Facial and body hair that increases after menopause is called hypertrichosis. When coarse hairs pop up on a woman in areas where … Read More

Are Your Feet A Mess? Join The Crowd!

For years and years you never gave a passing thought to your feet other than to make sure your toenails looked pretty. And then … all hell broke loose. Your feet are killing you! You are limited in regard to what kind of shoe you can comfortably wear and certainly can’t tolerate high heels or any footwear sporting a narrow … Read More

What Qualifies As Early Menopause’?

Menopause: When the menses pause, stopping forever. The average age in the United States for menopause is 51. Some women go through the ‘change of life’ earlier than that and some, later. A woman is considered to have ‘early menopause’ when she stops menstruating permanently prior to the age of 45. If a woman’s menses stop before the age of … Read More

What’s Your Menopause Type?

Do you like quizzes? I used to love taking those magazine quizzes as a teenager to determine my “true” self, or what the color of my eyes said about my personality or future spouse. Now, I lean more toward figuring out the right paint color for a room in my house based on what function it serves. Really important stuff, … Read More

How Your Face Changes Over Time

We all know (*sigh) our faces change over time. Time takes its toll on the body and on the face. Our faces are expressive (or should be) leading to wrinkles and laugh lines and are subjected to sun exposure as well as the other elements over the years. Look at your high school senior portrait or at your adult child’s … Read More

Menopause: Did it Evolve?

In case you’ve ever really wondered why women must endure menopause, some animal behaviorists at the Universities of Exeter and York, and the Center for Whale Research recently discovered a new clue. Now, don’t take this the wrong way – the answers may come from killer whales. Killer whales are relevant here as they (and another type of whale) are … Read More

Pre-Menopausal Symptoms You Might Not Know About

Pre-menopause is the time before actual menopause starts, usually lasting for several years. Four years is the amount of time approximately, for the majority of woman to experience pre-menopause. I know it looks like such a long time, but it is not. Some lucky women experience no symptoms, while others have a range of them. Some symptoms that are common, … Read More