Has That Print Suddenly Gotten Really Little?

Remember when you could clearly see a football’s length away and knew without a doubt that was your boyfriend cavorting with the head majorette at the other end of the field? Oh, to have those eagle eyes once again. Old Eyes As we age, most people acquire a condition called presbyopia, which means you can’t focus on close-up objects and … Read More

Menopause Hair: Can You Dig It? No!

How many 60- or 70-year-old women do you know, have you seen, sporting bountiful, healthy hair? Uh … a few? None? Why does hair suffer so dramatically when a woman turns a certain age? Ask any menopausal woman about her hair and you will likely get a grumpy retort in response. It’s not only we peons who suffer from post-midlife … Read More

Why Older People Bruise So Easily

If you were to visit an elderly person and noticed lots of bruising on his body your first thought might be he was a victim of abuse. Of course, that does occur and if you ever suspect elderly abuse is taking place, report it to the authorities ASAP; however, many older people have bruises and have done nothing to cause … Read More

Brainwave Optimization And Menopause Symptoms

Most women navigating through peri-menopause and menopause experience hot flashes. Why? Even physicians at the esteemed Mayo Clinic can’t explain precisely why this happens. It is believed hot flashes occur because a woman’s hypothalamus (body thermostat) becomes more sensitive to the slightest change in body temperature due to the alterations in reproductive hormones taking place during menopause. A study conducted … Read More

Flibanserin Banned Again. Is It Denial or Safety?

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has thrice denied Sprout Pharmaceuticals’ application for flibanserin, the so-called “Female Viagra.” Since 2010, the FDA has insisted the non-hormonal, psychiatric medication does not meet its guidelines for effectiveness and long-term use, particularly given the reported side effects, namely nausea and vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, and sleepiness. That may sound like a typical … Read More

Yoga And Menopause

Chances are, someone, perhaps even your doctor, has suggested you try yoga to relieve your peri- or full-blown menopausal symptoms. Once considered an offbeat, unconventional source of healing, yoga’s potential for relieving many women’s menopausal symptoms has significantly increased, particularly since the Women’s Health Initiative and other studies linked hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to breast and ovarian cancer and stroke. … Read More

Change Your Heart, Save Your Life

For 10 years, February has been the month to Go Red for Women, a campaign started by the American Heart Association (AHA) to promote women’s cardiovascular health. According to www.goredforwomen.org, over 627,000 lives have been saved since 2005, meaning 34% fewer women are dying of heart disease. Furthermore, the Go Red movement has helped educate health care providers and researchers … Read More