Passing Gas? Relax, It’s Normal…

Fess up. You pass gas. Everyone farts. Some people are (obnoxious) world class farters and don’t care where they are when they let it rip or how badly their flatulence stinks. They cut loose with abandon, treating us all to a noxious experience. Lovely. Thank you. Thank you very much. Some could and should refrain from this gross noxious display … Read More

Mona Lisa Touch: Laser Treatment Relieves Vaginal Discomfort

When I learned what the Mona Lisa Touch is for, I smiled and wondered. Midas men have a golden touch. Why not something a little mysterious, yet gentle to help countless women experiencing a range of heretofore unspeakable symptoms in the most delicate of places? Curious? Well, lean in. The Mona Lisa Touch is a laser treatment similar to a … Read More

Do You Smile A Lot? You Should – It Can Extend Your Life!

Do you smile a lot? Rarely? If you are in the ‘rarely’ camp you may want to rethink your lack of smiles. If you do decide to smile more often it has to be a genuine grin to work its magic. Smiling on a regular basis can extend your life. Ah, get out of here! Yep. You can snatch an … Read More

Osteoporosis: A Condition You Want To Avoid

As humans age, their bones become fragile and brittle, which sets the stage for painful fractures. Osteoporosis is a bone disease you do not want to acquire if you can avoid it. C.N.S.: My mom has this very badly. She has lost six or more inches in height. She is getting the hump on her back. She’s experienced fractures for … Read More

Questions About The Uterine Mesh Device

There are a few reasons why your doctor might suggest that you get the surgery to have a uterine mesh device, also known as trans-vaginal mesh. Any type of surgery can be a scary one, but knowing what the risks are associated with the surgery you are planning to have performed is very important. Before deciding if getting a uterine … Read More

Approving The Little Pink Pill

If you’ve been listening to the news lately, you might have heard about the little pink pill called flibanserin, a drug that’s being called Viagra for women. The buzz surrounding flibanserin has intensified, as the FDA advisory panel approved the drug on June 4. The FDA often listens to the recommendations of its advisory panel; however, the FDA has already … Read More

The Way You Smell: Does Your Smell Change As You Age?

I’ve heard people refer to that “Old lady smell.” It’s not necessarily an insult but it’s hardly a compliment. Antiperspirants, perfumes, scented shampoos and conditioners, toothpaste and mouthwash are big business because most people do not want to be associated with stench and are hyper vigilant about their cleanliness and how they smell. However, the older we get, the less … Read More

Gray Hair: Love It Or Despise It?

Sooner or later, hair turns gray or white or a combination thereof. Some people go gray prematurely, while others still have much of their original hair color well into their eighties but they are the exception. Some choose to color, some don’t. There are those who despise gray hair while others embrace it. R.S.S.: I love my gray hair and … Read More

Your Skin: It’s Got To Last You A Lifetime

In our youth, we didn’t wear much make-up because we didn’t need to. Our skin naturally glowed and was firm and wrinkle-free. We didn’t have age spots or discoloration or wrinkles or sags and bags but we do now that we’ve spent five or six plus decades on earth. If we only knew then what we know now or had … Read More

Have You Heard the One About…?

Ever have one of those days, or even weeks, where you feel surrounded by reminders of your advancing age? Lately, I’ve become “painfully aware” of just how advanced it’s becoming as my oldest prepares to graduate high school and I’m reviewing pictures of her earliest school days to assemble a long overdue scrapbook. Shopping for new spring clothes with descriptions … Read More