Chin Whiskers: Just What Every Menopausal Woman Wants

Remember when your great-grandmother kissed you and you could feel spiky whiskers poking your face? Now it’s your turn. All kinds of ‘delightful’ changes occur when a woman goes through menopause and facial hair is one of them. Facial and body hair that increases after menopause is called hypertrichosis. When coarse hairs pop up on a woman in areas where … Read More

Are Your Feet A Mess? Join The Crowd!

For years and years you never gave a passing thought to your feet other than to make sure your toenails looked pretty. And then … all hell broke loose. Your feet are killing you! You are limited in regard to what kind of shoe you can comfortably wear and certainly can’t tolerate high heels or any footwear sporting a narrow … Read More

What Qualifies As Early Menopause’?

Menopause: When the menses pause, stopping forever. The average age in the United States for menopause is 51. Some women go through the ‘change of life’ earlier than that and some, later. A woman is considered to have ‘early menopause’ when she stops menstruating permanently prior to the age of 45. If a woman’s menses stop before the age of … Read More

Menopause And Belly Fat

It’s the rare female who has washboard abs, a taut belly and a Scarlett O’Hara waistline. The midsection of the body is a problem area for most women, in large part because of the rigors of pregnancies. Sometimes the tummy doesn’t return to its state of origin after a pregnancy or perhaps the belly was not in good shape prior … Read More

How Your Face Changes Over Time

We all know (*sigh) our faces change over time. Time takes its toll on the body and on the face. Our faces are expressive (or should be) leading to wrinkles and laugh lines and are subjected to sun exposure as well as the other elements over the years. Look at your high school senior portrait or at your adult child’s … Read More

The “Sandwich” Generation

Here’s the scenario: A 56 year old married woman, who works fulltime and is the mother of a college student and a teenager, must care for her 90 year old widowed father, who still lives in his home. He is at the mercy of others to help maintain his independence. The ‘others’ amount to the daughter, the only nearby child. … Read More

Menopause Hair: Can You Dig It? No!

How many 60- or 70-year-old women do you know, have you seen, sporting bountiful, healthy hair? Uh … a few? None? Why does hair suffer so dramatically when a woman turns a certain age? Ask any menopausal woman about her hair and you will likely get a grumpy retort in response. It’s not only we peons who suffer from post-midlife … Read More

Why Older People Bruise So Easily

If you were to visit an elderly person and noticed lots of bruising on his body your first thought might be he was a victim of abuse. Of course, that does occur and if you ever suspect elderly abuse is taking place, report it to the authorities ASAP; however, many older people have bruises and have done nothing to cause … Read More

Brainwave Optimization And Menopause Symptoms

Most women navigating through peri-menopause and menopause experience hot flashes. Why? Even physicians at the esteemed Mayo Clinic can’t explain precisely why this happens. It is believed hot flashes occur because a woman’s hypothalamus (body thermostat) becomes more sensitive to the slightest change in body temperature due to the alterations in reproductive hormones taking place during menopause. A study conducted … Read More