Gray Hair: Love It Or Despise It?

Sooner or later, hair turns gray or white or a combination thereof. Some people go gray prematurely, while others still have much of their original hair color well into their eighties but they are the exception. Some choose to color, some don’t. There are those who despise gray hair while others embrace it. R.S.S.: I love my gray hair and … Read More

Pets: A Good Or Bad Idea?

Are pets – dogs and cats— beneficial to elderly people? Some would say ‘Yes’ while others would respond with a resounding ‘No!’ Pets require care and some supervision, which might prove difficult for someone who isn’t very ambulatory. And then there is the ‘falling over the pet’ syndrome, which most pet owners have experienced at one time or another. While … Read More

Are You Too Old To Travel? Are You EVER Too Old To Travel?

You finally have some discretionary money. The house is paid off, the kids are through college and you and your partner are tired of staring at the four walls or you, a single man or woman, want to hit the road, maybe with a friend or, bravely, alone. You are considering travel. Where? That remains to be seen. How? You … Read More

Your Skin: It’s Got To Last You A Lifetime

In our youth, we didn’t wear much make-up because we didn’t need to. Our skin naturally glowed and was firm and wrinkle-free. We didn’t have age spots or discoloration or wrinkles or sags and bags but we do now that we’ve spent five or six plus decades on earth. If we only knew then what we know now or had … Read More

Ready To Jump Into The Dating Pool? Yes? No? Maybe? Never?

Dating. Does that word itself, let alone the thought of actually doing it, make you cringe? You are in good company. Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule but many older people wince and recoil when the topic of dating comes up. Divorces occur, people are widowed, and there you are: Old enough to vividly recall the assassination of JFK … Read More

Life After Retirement: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

One acquaintance of mine refuses to use the word ‘retirement.’ Instead says he’s in a ‘New phase of life,’ afraid he will jinx himself if he vocalizes the term ‘retirement.’ He fears he will suddenly drop over dead if word gets out he’s (Sssshhh) retired. Hey, it wouldn’t be the first time. People work for years and years, retire and … Read More

Barometric Pressure, Menopause, Aches And Pains And Changes In Mood

The weather outside is delightful, not frightful, so why do you hurt so badly? Shouldn’t you feel great physically? Upcoming changes in weather and barometric pressure alterations impact the body and brain. There are people (I am one of them) who can predict the weather better than a meteorologist based on the way their body feels. For instance, today it … Read More

Are You Dumbing Down As You Age?

You are in your 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s. You are retired. You are no longer required to be at the top of your mental game because you are not standing in front of a classroom of challenging students every day, trying to teach. You no longer appear in court, defending someone before a jury. You are no longer required … Read More

Has That Print Suddenly Gotten Really Little?

Remember when you could clearly see a football’s length away and knew without a doubt that was your boyfriend cavorting with the head majorette at the other end of the field? Oh, to have those eagle eyes once again. Old Eyes As we age, most people acquire a condition called presbyopia, which means you can’t focus on close-up objects and … Read More

Mandatory Do-Over

Hear what Baby Boomers and others would change about their lives. I don’t want to do it (life) all over again. Once was enough for me, thank you. I’ve made some righteously bad choices and mistakes in my time but there is no point in crying over spilt milk. All in all, my life has been good, not necessarily because … Read More