As People Get Older, Friendships May Change

As people get older, they acquire new interests and hobbies, things that didn’t interest them, or occur to them, when younger. Who knew the philosophy professor would become a beekeeper or the social worker would reinvent herself as a wildlife rescuer? Life takes some curious twists and turns over the years. When a person, young or old, delves into new … Read More

The Aging Process Is Like A Stealth Missile

The aging process is kind of like a stealth missile. It creeps up on you when you aren’t looking and KABOOM! You’re old or getting really close to it. One day you realize you can’t wear the pants you’ve worn for years because … as a friend of mine said, “Where DID that stomach come from? It wasn’t there yesterday.” … Read More

Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution…The Gray Divorce

You have probably heard the United States has the highest divorce rate in the world. An estimated 45% of marriages are expected to end in divorce. We’ve seen this up close through our 15-year-old son’s friends, who are only available to “hang out” on alternate weekends and often spend holidays away from their school and neighborhood friends. But, these are … Read More

Passing Gas? Relax, It’s Normal…

Fess up. You pass gas. Everyone farts. Some people are (obnoxious) world class farters and don’t care where they are when they let it rip or how badly their flatulence stinks. They cut loose with abandon, treating us all to a noxious experience. Lovely. Thank you. Thank you very much. Some could and should refrain from this gross noxious display … Read More

Mona Lisa Touch: Laser Treatment Relieves Vaginal Discomfort

When I learned what the Mona Lisa Touch is for, I smiled and wondered. Midas men have a golden touch. Why not something a little mysterious, yet gentle to help countless women experiencing a range of heretofore unspeakable symptoms in the most delicate of places? Curious? Well, lean in. The Mona Lisa Touch is a laser treatment similar to a … Read More

Do You Smile A Lot? You Should – It Can Extend Your Life!

Do you smile a lot? Rarely? If you are in the ‘rarely’ camp you may want to rethink your lack of smiles. If you do decide to smile more often it has to be a genuine grin to work its magic. Smiling on a regular basis can extend your life. Ah, get out of here! Yep. You can snatch an … Read More

Moving Through Menopause

Just when you think you can relax a little and sink into that favored reading chair more often comes the oft-repeated (sometimes too often) news that the only way to stave off the middle-age bulge is: moving—exercise, that is. And, eating less. The Mayo Clinic says in a 2012 study published in Menopause that women gain an average of ten … Read More

What Do Men Know — About Menopause?

Not surprisingly, men are nearly as reluctant as women are to talk openly about menopause – at least in my very unscientific survey. The most frequent response to my queries: “I’m not a good person to ask,” even from those who have weathered the formidable storm. Turns out, their hesitancy is well founded: they lack reliable information and are worn … Read More

Are You Playing It Too Safe?

A friend and I recently discussed the ‘fears’ we have acquired that we didn’t have when we were younger. For example, one person said she would no longer play softball in fear of getting hit in the face with the ball. This person was a good athlete and probably got smacked in the face with a ball more than once … Read More

Raising Teens: How Much is Too Much And When Is Enough Enough?

Parenting, that is. I know when my children hit the tweens/teens decade, I wanted to crawl under the rug and hide. My mom has heard me say on too many occasions, “I hate teenagers.” I wanted to return them to first grade, when they were still open-minded and at least believed their parents knew something. Although I’m nearing the tail … Read More