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    4 Jan 2016
    Here is *Day 12* of the **Team SoloMid Daily Champion Guides!**. Today will be **Rengar** in the *Top Lane* with **Dyrus**. ___ >**Dyrus** Aatrox. Yorick. Nasus. Rengar is Weak Against: Jax. Fiora. Pantheon. Lee Sin
    In early 2012, Dyrus moved in with Team SoloMid in their gaming house in New York, due to his high ping from Hawaii. He continued to play for Epik Gamer.
    Build guides for Yorick on MOBAFire. Find Yorick guides from summoners and champion builds based on stats for all League of Legends Yorick by Dyrus.
    Check out all the best guides on solomid.net we have guides from top pros all over the world.
    19 Sep 2016
    Welcome to SoloMid.net check out the network: OverwatchElite.net. TSM.GG. LoLcounter.com. Champion Rank 4 Challenger Nunu Guide. August 22nd, 2017
    19 Aug 2018Yorick by Dyrus. Yorick build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Yorick Strategy Builds and Tools.

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