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    I am curious if anyone has MTHFR and/or PAI-1 with a successful healthy pregnancy/baby.

    Just had our second MC. We conceived naturally a 8 months ago, but found out at our 10 week US there was no HB. Met with an RE who diagnosed me with MTHFR.

    I was wondering if there is anyone out there with a healthy baby who has both of these blood disorders. If so, what supplements/medication were you taking and when did you start? Also, is it possible to get pregnant naturally or will I most likely need fertiltiy medication? I wonder if this also is a cause of implantation failure?

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    Hi Sherri,
    There are a few members here that are MTHFR positive (myself included). I was diagnosed after our 2nd MC. Currently on my 2 week wait to find out if the additional folic acid and baby aspirin my RE recommended will do the trick. Some women use an injectable blood thinner called Lovenox. If you conceived naturally I imagine it will be possible for you to do so again. My RE had me start taking the additional folic acid and baby aspirin about a month before my IVF cycle.

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