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    Hi everyone,

    I am going to have my 2nd IUI next month and looking for some positve stories about successful IUI’s.  Like how many times did you try, was it with partner’s sperm or DS?  Our first IUI didn’t result in a pregnancy so just hoping for some encouragement.  Thanks!

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    Wishing you the best of luck with your next IUI. I know how stressful the waiting game can be. We had to use DS due to DH having a very low count. After 2 failed IUI’s with DS we learned from some additional testing that I had a very low AMH level. While this isn’t necessarily good news it made me feel better knowing what the problem is. I’m currently seeing a Reproductive Immunologist so we will see what happens.

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    Hello. I just wanted to offer my little journey because it showes the good with the bad. I have PCOS and could not get pregnant on my own for the longest time. We finally saw a fertility doctor which we absolutely loved. Our first round we used clomid & injections with an iui and we were able to conceive, however we miscarried around 10 weeks. We tried again the next cycle (same meds) and we conceived again which resulted in a beautiful little boy who is now 3. 10 months after he was born we decided to try again wanting our children to be close in age and using the same meds & iui we were able to conceive the first time as well resulting in another beautiful little boy, unfortunately he was born with a severe congenital heart defect and passed away at 9 months old. We decided last October to try yet again for another baby and have since done iui’s in October, November, December & January which were all unsuccessful. We took a break and last month decided to try again with the same meds & iui but that too was unsuccessful. This cycle we are trying injections & iui only instead of clomid as well, so hopefully we have some better luck. My first 3 iui’s were successful but now it seems like it’s never going to happen again. Hang in there, and know that even with struggles it CAN happen. Best of luck to everyone.

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