About Louise Dougherty

Louise Dougherty is a freelance writer, artist and information manager who loves succulents, good quality metadata, the smell of printmaking ink and anything from the beach. Louise has been on a very long and winding infertility journey. She believes in the importance of sharing our stories, so we can all feel less alone along the way.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs & Infertility – A Story

Doing some digging for the truth about infertility in the news... If you’re anything like me, you didn’t know that taking anti-inflammatory drugs can lower fertility. I frequently had a sore back and aching shoulders when I was doing IVF. Just the general stress of infertility made me feel tense. I took anti-inflammatories more than a few times to ease the pain. We know that we need to be more

Do We Need To Do Embryo Testing?

There are so many reasons to feel horrible when you’re struggling with infertility. Stress and guilt about whether or not to do embryo testing shouldn’t be one of them! I follow lots of fertility forums, and I’ve noticed recently that there are too many people feeling worried because they have risked having a child with a disease because they didn’t do a genetic test, or people feeling guilty that they

Preserving Fertility In The Hardest Of Circumstances

IVF was in the news again recently. In Belgium, a woman gave birth to a healthy child after she had an ovarian tissue transplant. She had undergone chemotherapy as a teenager which affected her fertility but she had the ovarian tissue removed and frozen before the chemo began. First, congratulations to her! I can’t even imagine what a long journey she’s been on to get there. I was amazed and

Just One Little Chapter In My IVF Story

It’s been a long time since that day, but my heart still gives a heartbroken lurch when I think of the doctor’s words. They were burned on my brain and I remember the whole thing by heart: “I’m sorry, the fetus has implanted, its heart is beating, but it’s in the wrong place”. “What do you mean, the wrong place! It’s in my uterus isn’t it!?” “Your uterus is a

Living With Grace

There are times when I feel like a bad person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not evil at heart, but I have gone through times when I just can’t be happy for people experiencing happiness, or celebrate for others when my heart is low. Like at work, when someone brings their baby in for the first time. It’s a moment of such joy, sharing and showing off that tiny person.