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It Never Leaves…

A few months ago, our IVF cycle failed and our family ended the journey for one more baby. Infertility was not new to us, as our son was the result of years of procedures and injections, but our miscarriage after our IVF cycle was the final nail in our family-of-four coffin. We all grieved in our own ways, my kindergartener included, but my husband and I were also excited to

Problems With Infertility? Go For A Run.

If you have read previous blog posts that I have written, you know that I am no stranger to negative pregnancy tests or needle sticks. With my first (and last) IVF cycle – and a chemical pregnancy result – behind me, I know that our family will not be growing. Most days, I don’t even think about it. Other days, I catch myself sneaking a few tears in the shower.

Ectopic Pregnancies: The Future Of Your Pregnancies

When you find out you are expecting, there are many things that run through your head – from pure joy to straight fear. This is normal even for those that have tried for years without success. Then, you start to read up on it and worry. There are a lot of risks and things that could go wrong during your first trimester, and without an ultrasound you do not really

Websites To Check Out During Your Two Week Wait

The two week wait, or the time between your procedure and your pregnancy blood test, will test you in ways you couldn’t imagine. Instead of analyzing every pregnancy symptom that you might be having or driving yourself crazy by googling “early signs of pregnancy”, try checking out a few of my favorite websites. These are good for inspiration, for diverting your attention, and for reminding you about the world outside

Reminders During Your Medicated Cycle

You might be reading this during your first cycle of oral Clomid, or you might be on your 4th IVF cycle with multiple injections per day. Either way, medicated cycles are serious business. Only fertility-challenged ladies can truly know what it is like to jump on an emotional roller coaster, full of hormonal surprises like week-long migraines and hot flashes that could melt your face off. I always tell my

Sunny Side Up: Funny Truths Of A Medicated Cycle

There are rarely moments in your infertility journey that you will find yourself laughing. But, if you can try to find the humor in some of these universal infertility situations, it can take the edge off of your anxiety and side effects. Have you ever found yourself in any of these situations? You apply deodorant throughout the day, and use baby powder at night. The hot flashes – the struggle

Why My Preschooler Knows About Our Fertility (Or Lack Thereof)

Our son Jackson was conceived via IUI, after years of tests, procedures, and injections. When he turned 2, my husband and I decided to return to our fertility doctor and start trying for baby #2. We were uninsured for fertility procedures, so we knew that we would do up to 3 IUIs with a few months in between each one to save up our money and to give me break

When To See A Fertility Doctor

If you've been trying to have a baby for a few months or longer, you can start to wonder if something is wrong. Sure, typically babies don't come on the first month of trying, unless you are my mom or my good friend Lisa. But, if you have been trying for a while with no positive pregnancy tests, you can start to get panicked pretty quickly. One out of 8

What Not to Say To Your Childless Friends

My husband and I got married long before most of our friends. We were college sweethearts who met at the ripe old age of 19. By the time we got married at 25, we had been together for 6 years already. Most of our friends were still dating, and no one was close to even getting engaged yet. Over the years, we started to hit our marriage season, summers and

When Someone Else Gets Pregnant

We have been struggling with infertility for 7 total years now. During those 7 years, we finally got our son via intrauterine insemination (IUI). However, we are still walking the road of infertility, trying IVF to see if we can press our luck and get one more baby. As you can image, 7 years of infertility is a pretty long time. While it is admittedly not as long as many