The following is a list of FAQ’s that we have been asked. If you have a question, and it has not been answered below, please contact us through our handy online form.

You can change your profile picture by tapping on the bump view baby icon on the main screen. You can also access the change profile tab via the main menu under “Profile”. You can change the profile photo as many times as you like. Your profile photo is used in a number of places, including the comments section and following screen.

Have them check their spam email inbox. Most likely, the bump view email invitation is there. We would suggest that you ask them to check there first. If they check their spam folder and it is not there, please contact us and we can have the invitation resent.

Yes. Just tap the delete button next to the users name on your followers screen. Once you delete a follower, they will no longer be able to view your bump view stream.

We don’t post names – just the fabulous photos that we get. You can view how the photos are displayed in the photo gallery by CLICKING HERE.

To get a slide show, you need to have at least 4 photos saved in your bump view stream. When you are looking at your photo stream – or anyone else’s that you have been invited to – all you need to do is tap the “View Slide Show” button. From there – if there are at least 4 photos in the bump view stream – you will be taken to the slide show screen. Just tap to play

Bump View is set to take photos from 12 weeks through 40 weeks. Traditionally, this is the time when couples begin to share their good news because the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically (end of first trimester).

At this time, the bump view stream ends at 40 weeks.

At this time, the current build is limited re: notifications. As we continue to upgrade the app, having the option of notifications will be available in the next update (which should be out shortly).

A bump view stream is created based upon your due date. Because of this, once a stream has been set it cannot be changed. Currently, with our systems the only way to reset a due date would be to delete your account and start over again. We know that this may seem like an inconvenience, but we want to make sure that we give each and every user the best possible experience in using the Bump View app. With that said, this feature (changing a due date) is on our development list and will be available in future builds.

Yes! Twin frame packs will be available in a future update.

At this time, when in the Bump View application, you can only resize and crop your photo. Any exposure adjustments you may want to make will have to be made outside of the app. If having this type of capability is important for you to have within the app, please drop us a line at feedback@fertilitycouncil.com and let us know. We are always open to suggestions for future updates.

Yes. Even though your friend may be following you, she will still have to invite you to follow her stream. Only users who have been invited can view a bump stream. But since you already have a user name and password, once she invites you with the same email address that you used to create your account she will automatically be added to your “following” list.

You can delete any photo that has been uploaded to your bump view stream by tapping the +Edit Your Photo button on the main bump view screen for that week. At that time, you can change photos but remember – when you replace an existing photo all comments are removed with it as well. Please note that even though you may have removed a photo from your bump stream, it is still available in your photo gallery on your phone.

Of course! Just cycle back by tapping the arrows on the main bump view screen. You can add photos for each week from your photo gallery on your phone. We suggest you do this as it will make your bump view slide show even better.

At this time, only viewers who have been invited can view your slide show. But rest assured, we have some exciting things planned for the future regarding this aspect of the app! 🙂

You can use whatever name you like. Just remember that the only people who see your bump stream are users who you have invited to view it. No one else has access to your photos. As a “closed” system, they can not be searched, or viewed by anyone but you and the people you invite.

Once your due date reaches the 12 week mark in Bump View, it can not be changed at this time. Unfortunately, our systems do not allow a change once a bump view stream has begun. Up until the 12th week, the due date can be changed as many times as you like.

Currently, our system does not allow you to delete your account. If you would like it deleted, you can contact us here.

Individual comments can not be deleted at this time. If you would like to remove comments that have been left for you, you will need to delete that particular bump view and repost a new picture. When you delete a photo from the stream, all comments are deleted with it. We have this option on the development list, and it will be available in Phase 3 of the project.

At this time, no. But this is a feature that is already being worked on and will be available in the next update. If you would like to share your photo on Facebook or Instagram, the saved bump view photos are stored in your photo gallery on your phone.

The invited user is asked to download the app or visit this website for more information. When the invited user email is sent out, a username and password is automatically generated for them (unless they already have an account). Here is a copy of what gets sent out when you invite a bump viewer:

Hello {Invited User Name}:

You’ve been invited to follow my Bump View.

Download the iPhone app from the app store by searching “Bump View” or visit www.bumpview.com for more information.

When you download the app, tap the “Invited User” button and use the following information to log in and follow me:

Login: {generated log in name}

Password: {generated password}

Experience the journey of transformation every soon-to-be Mom undergoes as my bump grows. Take the time to add a comment of encouragement…positive words always help (especially in the last trimester)!

Thanks for participating in my Bump View.

Regards, {Sending User Name}

Currently, Bump View is only available for iPhones. We are currently working on an Android version that should be available by the end of the year.